Kitchen Design

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Services can include colours, material, cabinetry, furniture, accessories, electrical, and plumbing fixtures. We start with an initial consultation to meet to discuss how you use your kitchen and how you want to use it. It is essential to consider how much you entertain, cook, or even just hang out in the space. Are you a coffee drinker or an avid baker? We love to hear about your space and seeing how you want to improve it is the first step. The initial consultation is also the perfect time take measurements, and one of our designers will prepare a drawing of your kitchen. We will provide you with a kitchen design including floor plans, elevations, and 3D drawings. The plans will include furniture suggestions for items such as bar stools. An electrical layout for lighting, plugs, and switches. Part of the electrical layout will also include recommended fixtures. The second meeting we will discuss materials and colours in more detail as it relates to the design and your home. We work with your cabinetry company or put you in touch with one of our trusted companies. 
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