Full Service Interior Design

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Services can include colours, material, kitchen, bathroom cabinetry, closets, millwork, furniture, accessories, electrical, and plumbing fixtures. We love working with architects and builders from the very beginning of the design process for custom builds. Being a part of your dream project early on with the major stakeholders can make everyone's job a lot easier. Refreshing an existing home or cottage, through a small or significant renovation, or even just refreshing the furniture our services can be tailored to your needs. 
We will come out to the site or use your new home drawings to produce a full set of drawings for electrical, lighting, kitchen, other cabinetry, and furniture layouts. We will also coordinate with the contractor to ensure your vision is realized. 
1. Research
- Initial Consultation
- Develop a scope of work
- Sign design agreement 
2. Design
- Prepare drawings
- Prepare mood boards
- Present drawings to you.
- Ordering furniture, accessories, lighting, tile, fixtures, and so on. 
3. Coordination
- Coordinating with contractors or architect 
4. Installation
- Picking up materials such as tile and lighting and bringing them to site
- Once the construction is complete we will install all the furniture and prepare the home for your arrival. 
2000-2900 sq.ft. - $4000 
3000-3900 sq.ft. - $5500
4000-4900 sq.ft. - $6500
5000-5900 sq.ft. - $7500
6000-7900 sq.ft. - $10000
8000-9900 sq.ft. - $15000
10000 +     sq.ft. - $20000
Payment can be made by cheque, cash, e-transfer, or credit card.
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