Christmas Decorating

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Coming up the cottage last minute?

Need your commercial office or event space decorated for Christmas?

HillTop will come to decorate your space. If it is your first year using our Christmas decorating service we will provide you with a quote not included in this fee for basic items to decorate your space. All items that are purchased will be put in containers and left with you. 

The $2000 Christmas decorating service is a deposit. Most projects run between $2000-4000, not including decorations.

First timers, can expect to spend 1000-2500 on decorations, lights, and accessories depending on the size of their space. Every subsequent year you can expect to spend $100-1500 on decorations just to refresh some of the items. 

If you would like a real tree setup we can get you a quote and coordinate the installation and remove too!

After you approve our quote and we schedule a time for the installation 2-6 people from our team will come to set up your place. 

Give us a call to find out more details and to get a quote for your Christmas decorating project!

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